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Enumerables Without the Garbage: Part 8

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NativeArray<T> is great, but very limited in functionality. We can fix this surprisingly easily! Today we revive a two year old series that created the iterator project. Iterators are like a no-GC version of IEnumerable<T> and LINQ which have a lot of power but only support managed arrays (T[]) and List<T>. Today we’ll add support for NativeArray<T> and inherit support for the same functionality. We’ll also spruce up the project with proper unit tests, assembly definitions, and runtime tests to confirm that zero garbage is created. Read on to see how this was done and how to use iterators with NativeArray<T>.

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How to Make Custom Native Collections

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We’ve seen how NativeArray works, but what if we want more kinds of native collections? Unity 2018.1 only has that one, but you can make your own! Today’s article shows exactly how to do that.

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How NativeArray Works

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NativeArray<T> is a new type introduced recently in Unity 2018.1. It’s like List<T> except it’s backed by an unmanaged array instead of a managed array. It’s also a struct instead of a class. This means it creates no garbage for the GC to later collect. That’s the surface level description, but today we’ll go in depth to find out how it really works and learn some interesting facts along the way.

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