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The Many Types and Dangers of Callbacks

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Callbacks are a mainstay of the real-time games and apps we build in Unity. We’re constantly writing asynchronous code for every operation from walking a character to a destination to making a web call. It’s really convenient for these functions to “call back” and report their status so we know how the operation is going. Unfortunately there are also a lot of dangers that come along with this. Today we’ll look into the surprisingly large number of ways you can “call back” in C# and some of the ways you can get burned doing so.

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Unity Reflection is Really Slow

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Reflection allows you to introspect your code at runtime. You can do very dynamic things like call functions by their name as a string. As such, it’s a really powerful tool when you code needs to be more flexible. Unfortunately, it’s slow. Really slow. Today’s article puts it up against regular, non-reflection code to show the difference in speed. It’ll also walk you through reflection in C# in case you’ve never used it before. Read on to learn more about reflection in Unity!

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Making describeTypeJSON 50x Faster than describeType

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The hidden describeTypeJSON function is faster than the XML-based describeType function by default, but we can make it even faster. Today’s article describe just how this is done and achieves a nearly 10x speedup!

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Function Performance Update

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Above all others, there is one article I refer back to most: 2009’s Function Performance. It was updated for Flash Player 10.1 and 10.2, but not 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, or 11.2. Today I’m updating this article for Flash Player 11.2, adding some missing function types, and including a set of graphs to make for the ultimate function performance reference.

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