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C++ Scripting: Part 20 – Performance Improvements

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The last time we looked at performance was way back in part four of the series. Ever since then we’ve been relentlessly adding more and more features to the C++ scripting system. So today we’ll take a break from feature additions to improve the system’s performance in a couple of key areas.

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The Other CPU Cache

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We’ve seen how using the CPU’s cache can lead to a 13x speedup, but that’s only utilizing one of the CPU’s cache types. Today’s article shows you how to go further by utilizing a whole other type of CPU caching!

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How to Use the Whole CPU

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Last week’s article showed how to effectively use the CPU’s caches to boost performance by an order of magnitude. Today’s article goes even further to show you how to use even more of the CPU’s capabilities!

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How to Write Faster Code Than 90% of Programmers

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Most programmers write code for an abstract computer. The thing is- code runs on a real computer that works in a specific way. Even if your game is going to run on a wide range of devices, knowing some of the common features can speed up your code 10x or more. Today’s article shows you how!

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Better CPU Caching with Structs

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While little utilized, C#’s struct type can come in really handy sometimes. Today’s article shows how to use it to get a lot more mileage out of modern CPUs’ caches to really boost your app’s performance. Read on for some quick tips!

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