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From AS3 to C#, Part 8: More Special Functions

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Today we’ll continue talking about special types of functions in C#. Specifically, today’s article will cover indexers, explicit and implicit conversions, and variable numbers of arguments (“var args”).

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Function Length

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In my last article on getProperties, there was one strange finding in the tests of standard classes: the Function class seems to have a length field. What is it? Today we’ll see

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Arguments Slowdown

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While I was working on last week’s article it became apparent that something strange was going on with the arguments keyword in AS3. Last week I showed that even after you’ve changed the parameters of a function, you can still get the original values by indexing into arguments. This implies a copy and a copy implies a slowdown. Read on to see if there really is a slowdown and, if there is, what kind of performance impact there is.

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Inlining Math Functions

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As a followup to my article on Inlining Math.ceil(), I decided to inline some more functions in the Math class. Read on for the code as well as tests proving correctness and speed.

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Var Args Is Slow

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Var args (a.k.a. …rest) is a useful feature introduced in AS3. Previously in AS2 (and JavaScript still), we were forced to pass an Array of arguments where an unlimited-length argument list would have been much natural. Unfortunately, this can be really slow. In this article I’ll show a much quicker way to pass unlimited arguments to functions.

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