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Using the Unity API from Other Threads

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The Unity API can mostly only be used from the main thread. This is used as an excuse by Unity developers to write all their code on the main thread. This makes their code run 2-6x slower. So what can we do about it? Today’s article presents a simple way to use the Unity API from other threads. Read on to learn how to unlock all that extra CPU power!

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How to Use the Whole CPU

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Last week’s article showed how to effectively use the CPU’s caches to boost performance by an order of magnitude. Today’s article goes even further to show you how to use even more of the CPU’s capabilities!

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ActionScript Workers: Condition Class Example

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The Condition class that debuted alongside the Mutex class in Flash Player 11.5 is very useful but much less understood. Unfortunately, Adobe’s documentation doesn’t include a usage example and there seem to be none available elsewhere on the internet. So today’s article provides an example of how to use the flash.concurrent.Condition class.

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Send ActionScript Worker Messages 6x Faster With Mutex

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While ActionScript Workers made their debut in Flash Player 11.4, the Mutex class didn’t arrive until the next version: 11.5. This class is specifically designed to solve a subtle problem that cropped up in the last article. As you’ll see in this article, it does the job quite well! The result is even faster message passing between workers/threads, which is often key to efficiently using multiple core CPUs.

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Send ActionScript Worker Messages 2.5x Faster

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We know that sending messages between ActionScript workers is slow, but how can we make it faster? Today’s article discusses an alternative approach to message passing that yields a 2.5x speedup. Read on to learn about the approach and un-block your workers.

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