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String-Sortable Integers

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Strings and integers sort differently. Unfortunately, this became a problem for me during some recent experiments with Starling. It could be a problem for you too in a variety of situations. Today we’ll look at a workaround I’ve developed to solve this problem, which isn’t nearly as straightforward as you might think.

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Sorted Array

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AS3 gives you arrays and a way to sort them, but no easy way to keep them sorted as you add elements to them. Today’s article discusses an easy way to do just that: build a sorted array and keep it sorted. As a bonus, the array provides very fast searching for the elements it contains.

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How To Use a Profiler To Get Better Performance

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The site has had many articles about improving the performance of your app, but never discussed the basic methodology on which all optimizations should be based. Today’s article will go over a scientific approach to optimizing that makes use of a tool known as a profiler and demonstrate using an AS3 application just why it’s so important to usage such a tool.

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Even Faster Linked Lists

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Linked lists can be much faster than AS3’s Array and Vector classes if you use them under the right circumstances. It’s been over a year and a half since I last visited the topic, but today it’s time to update my LinkedList class. Read on for the freshly-optimized code and all-new performance testing and analysis!

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