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Why Objects Serialized With ByteArray Are So Small

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We know that you can automatically serialize anything to a ByteArray and that it’s faster and smaller than XML or JSON, but why is it so much smaller? Today’s article investigates a bit and reveals the secret that makes it such an efficient format and how that can save you a lot of manual work when it comes time to deserialize the ByteArray.

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Class Dependencies

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One of AS3’s strong suits is its ability to very easily use classes in a dynamic way. Every once in a while, this leads MXMLC to completely remove some of your classes from the output SWF and you then get some very strange behavior. Read on for some strategies for using dynamic classes without going insane.

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Weak References

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Weak key support in the Dictionary class is one of those rarely-used features that can be greatly useful on occasion. This is the only place in the Flash API where weak references are used. In Java, there is another useful class for when you just want to make one weak reference, not a whole table of them: the aptly-named WeakReference class. Below is my own implementation, which is both simple and useful.

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