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IL2CPP Output for Unsafe Code

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C# has some powerful features like fixed-size buffers, pointers, and unmanaged local variable arrays courtesy of stackalloc. These are deemed “unsafe” since they all deal with unmanaged memory. We should know what we’re ultimately instructing the CPU to execute when we use these features, so today we’ll take a look at the C++ output from IL2CPP and the assembly output from the C++ compiler to find out just that.

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Why Objects Serialized With ByteArray Are So Small

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We know that you can automatically serialize anything to a ByteArray and that it’s faster and smaller than XML or JSON, but why is it so much smaller? Today’s article investigates a bit and reveals the secret that makes it such an efficient format and how that can save you a lot of manual work when it comes time to deserialize the ByteArray.

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