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The Problems with Object Pools

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It’s extremely common to see somebody ask a question about avoiding the garbage collector only to be answered with “just use a pool” as if that immediately and totally solved the problem. While pools will often keep the garbage collector at bay, they’ll also introduce a whole slew of new problems that you’ve got to deal with instead. Today’s article goes through several of these problems so you’ll be aware of the tradeoffs involved and hopefully avoid some pitfalls.

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Reduce AMF Bloat With AMFObjectPooler

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AMF is great for serializing AS3 objects. Its compact binary format is far more efficient than XML or JSON and it’s just as easy to use: just call writeObject or readObject. However, there are many ways to make it even more efficient. Today’s article presents one more way that eliminates some overhead you might not have thought out. Read on to learn more and for a helper class that will enable you to avoid it.

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