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C++ Scripting: Part 10 – Full Generics Support

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C# APIs are chock-full of generics. Generic types, generic method parameters, generic return types, generic fields, generic properties, deriving from generic types, and generic constructors. We can find all of these in the Unity and .NET APIs. Some are more frequent than others, but we’re going to need support for all of them to make C++ scripting a viable alternative to C#. Today’s article continues the series by adding just that: support for all of these kinds of generics. Let’s dive into how to use them as well as some bonus items added to the project this week.

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From AS3 to C#, Part 12: Generics Wrapup and Annotations

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Most of C#’s support for generics was covered in the previous article, but today we’ll wrap it up by discussing covariance and contravariance. We’ll also talk about C#’s support for annotations and compare to what’s available in AS3.

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From AS3 to C#, Part 11: Generic Classes, Interfaces, Methods, and Delegates

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Continuing once again, today we cover an exciting new topic: generics! Have you ever wished your classes could be parameterized with a type like Vector.<Type> is? With C# generics, you can! Even better, you can parameterize your interfaces, methods, and delegates too. Read on to learn how.

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