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The Problems with Object Pools

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It’s extremely common to see somebody ask a question about avoiding the garbage collector only to be answered with “just use a pool” as if that immediately and totally solved the problem. While pools will often keep the garbage collector at bay, they’ll also introduce a whole slew of new problems that you’ve got to deal with instead. Today’s article goes through several of these problems so you’ll be aware of the tradeoffs involved and hopefully avoid some pitfalls.

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Using Structs to Avoid Creating Garbage

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It’s easy to forget about struct in C#. After all, it’s not available in other languages like Java or AS3 and it seems to have fewer features than good old class. But struct can really help you out when it comes to garbage creation! Today’s article discusses some strategies to get the most out of struct. Read on to learn how to use structs to put a stop to that pesky garbage collector!

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Do Foreach Loops Create Garbage?

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We know that we should reduce the garbage our code produces to lighten the load on Unity’s garbage collector. The trouble is that many of the ways we’re creating garbage are hidden from us. One such way to inadvertently create a lot of garbage is to use a foreach loop… at least that’s what we’ve been told. Do foreach loops really create garbage for all types of arrays, lists, dictionaries, and the rest of the collections? Do they create garbage for every loop or just the first one? Today’s article investigates to put these questions to rest. Are you safe using foreach loops or should you re-write everything to use for. Read on to find out!

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Using Object Pooling to Reduce Garbage Collection

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Unity’s garbage collector is old and slow. As garbage from your scripts piles up, the garbage collector will eventually run. When it does, it runs all at once instead of spreading the work out over multiple frames. This means you get a big spike on one frame causing your game to momentarily freeze. One of the best ways to get around this is to use an “object pool” to reduce the number of objects eligible for garbage collection. After all, if there’s no garbage then there’s nothing to collect! For more on this strategy as well as a class you can use to implement it, read on!

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String Concatenation Performance

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As programmers, we concatenate strings all the time. Should we worry about the performance? How about the amount of garbage we’re producing for the garbage collector? Today’s article runs a quick test to find out!

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