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How Often Should You Force Garbage Collection?

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One typical piece of advice for dealing with the slowness of Unity’s garbage collector is to periodically force a garbage collection, such as every 30 frames. Even Unity advises this. The idea is that you’ll spread out the garbage collection work across many frames rather than having a big spike that causes your frame rate to stutter. But the question remains- what’s the best rate to force the GC? Today’s article tries out various intervals to see which is best. Read on for the results!

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Keeping Bitmaps Decompressed

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It came to my attention in the comments of Preloading Bitmap Decompression that Flash Player would actually free the decompressed bitmap memory if you didn’t make active use of it, similar to garbage collection. So if you followed my strategy from that article to preload a bitmap, it may have been un-preloaded for you by Flash Player! Today’s article shows you how to work around this little problem.

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Dictionary Memory Leak

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The Dictionary class provides perhaps the most useful support for weak references—and therefore garbage collection control—in the AS3 Flash API. However, due to a subtle error in its documentation, you may inadvertently be leaking a lot of memory. Today’s article shows you how this can happen and how you can easily fix the leak.

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Weak References

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Weak key support in the Dictionary class is one of those rarely-used features that can be greatly useful on occasion. This is the only place in the Flash API where weak references are used. In Java, there is another useful class for when you just want to make one weak reference, not a whole table of them: the aptly-named WeakReference class. Below is my own implementation, which is both simple and useful.

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