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AMF Serialization Tricks

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AMF is great in its stock configuration, but there are some little-known tricks to make it even better. Today’s article shows you how to customize the serialization and deserialization of objects to achieve even smaller file sizes and gain maximum control.

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Why Objects Serialized With ByteArray Are So Small

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We know that you can automatically serialize anything to a ByteArray and that it’s faster and smaller than XML or JSON, but why is it so much smaller? Today’s article investigates a bit and reveals the secret that makes it such an efficient format and how that can save you a lot of manual work when it comes time to deserialize the ByteArray.

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Compress ATF Textures By 95%

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ATF textures already contain a lot of compression: DXT, ETC, or PVRTC texture compression plus JPEG-XR and LZMA for good measure. What more can we do? As it turns out, we can drastically reduce the file size by simply applying Zlib or LZMA compression to the files. Read on for some samples with file size breakdowns.

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ATF Texture Compression Image Quality and File Size Samples

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Adobe’s newly-released ATF tools have introduced an all-new image file format: ATF, the Adobe Texture Format. It’s not every day we get a new image format. After all, PNG was introduced in 1996 and JPEG in 1992. For various reasons I discussed last week, you probably have good reasons to use this new image format. So let’s dive into it a bit and see what kinds of images it produces.

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