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Job-Safe APIs in Unity 2018.3

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Unity 2018.3 brings us even more thread-safe APIs that we can call from the C# job system. Today we’ll look at a systematic way to find them all so we know what’s safe to use and what’s not.

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C++ Scripting: Part 8 – Platform-Dependent Compilation

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The series continues today to fill a small, but important gap in the C++ plugin’s build script. Unity helpfully provides symbols like UNITY_IOS for us to check with #if. This lets us add and remove blocks of code that should only be present in a certain build of the game. We’d like the same functionality in C++ that Unity provides to C#, so today we’ll upgrade the build script to allow that.

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Unity Performance: Editor vs. Standalone

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Unity apps are usually developed within the Unity Editor and then published to standalone apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and so forth. We’d therefore like to think that what we’re seeing in the Editor is very close to what we’ll see once we publish the app. In many cases, this is true. However, when it comes to performance this is sometimes a bad assumption to make.

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