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Map Performance

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I recently received an e-mail from Dmitry Zhelnin (translation) with a test he did concerning the speed of a couple ways to get a value for a key, which I like to call a map and Wikipedia likes to call an associative array. I’d been meaning to do a similar test for a while now and, guess what, I finally have! UPDATE: fixed miss test for fixed-size Vectors.

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Loop Speed

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AS3 gives you a good number of potential ways you can loop over collections. When Flash Player 10 first came out, I went ahead and tested out the new Vector class in a variety of ways. One of them was to pit it against the collections available in Flash Player 9: Array, Object, Dictionary, ByteArray, and even BitmapData. Below I’ll show you my test and discuss its results.

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Dictionary Conversion


Dictionaries are very useful. Unlike Objects, your keys don’t need to be Strings. But there are remnants of this String requirement that are not obvious. Fortunately, it’s a simple rule to remember…

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