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C++ Scripting: Part 24 – Default Parameters

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We’ve been able to call methods since the very beginning, but we’ve always had to pass all the parameters. Today we’ll add support for default parameters so you can skip them sometimes. There’s a surprising amount of detail involved with this, so read on to learn some caveats of C#, .NET, and C++.

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Redundant Code

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Why do I see so many AS3 programmers writing so much redundant code? Are you one of them? Today’s tips may save you a lot of typing. It may even save you a lot of SWF size.

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Default Arguments

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I’ve talked about var args, the arguments keyword, and even the length of a function that has default arguments, but I’ve never written an article all about default arguments… until today.

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Function Length

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In my last article on getProperties, there was one strange finding in the tests of standard classes: the Function class seems to have a length field. What is it? Today we’ll see

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