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C++ Scripting: Part 6 – Building the C++ Plugin

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Today we’ll continue the series by addressing a nagging problem: how do we build the C++ plugin? With C# we inherit, for better or worse, Unity’s build system where we just edit .cs files and press the play button. This doesn’t work with C++, so we’ll need to build something similar that’s just as easy to use.

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Compile Time Only

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The const and final keywords only apply at compile time. Despite having written about const and final before, readers frequently ask me about these two keywords. Today’s article will answer the question and definitively show that these keywords only apply at compile time: not runtime. UPDATE: const is still just a variable as far as performance goes, but its protections do extend to runtime.

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Conditional Compilation

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MXMLC’s -define feature allows you to do two things: compile-time constants (as covered previously) and conditional compilation. Both are very useful, so today I’m covering conditional compilation.

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