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Simple 2D With Stage3D

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Along with Flash Player 11’s new Stage3D class have come hardware-accelerated 2D rendering engines. Impressive results have already been demonstrated by advanced engines like Starling and ND2D. Today’s article shows a simple Stage3D-based sprite class to help learn more about how these engines are implemented and provides a simplified alternative to the more complex 2D engines that still delivers hardware-accelerated performance.

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2D Array Alternatives

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Thanks to Tronster for today’s guest article! If you’re interested in writing a guest article, e-mail Jackson about your idea.

Natively, Flash does not offer a two-dimensional array type. But, Flash’s one-dimensional Array and various other container types (i.e., Object, Dictionary, and Vector) allow for user-created 2D array solutions. Today’s article explores the performance of various ways to make a 2D array.

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