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Optimizing with Bit Twiddling Hacks

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Stanford’s Sean Eron Anderson has a great page titled Bit Twiddling Hacks. This is a great resource for C programmers looking to employ bitwise operators (& | ^ ~ < < <<< >> >>> etc.) to speed up their code. But what about AS3 programmers? We have bitwise operators too, but will the same tricks work for us? Today’s article ports some of these bit twiddling hacks to AS3 and tests to see if any ground is gained.

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Compress ATF Textures By 95%

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ATF textures already contain a lot of compression: DXT, ETC, or PVRTC texture compression plus JPEG-XR and LZMA for good measure. What more can we do? As it turns out, we can drastically reduce the file size by simply applying Zlib or LZMA compression to the files. Read on for some samples with file size breakdowns.

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ATF Texture Compression Image Quality and File Size Samples

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Adobe’s newly-released ATF tools have introduced an all-new image file format: ATF, the Adobe Texture Format. It’s not every day we get a new image format. After all, PNG was introduced in 1996 and JPEG in 1992. For various reasons I discussed last week, you probably have good reasons to use this new image format. So let’s dive into it a bit and see what kinds of images it produces.

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Compressed Stage3D Textures With ATF

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Adobe has recently released tools to allow us to use compressed textures with the Stage3D API via their ATF tools. What are these compressed textures? Why would we want to use them? How do they work? Today’s article is an overview of compressed textures covering these questions and more.

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