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Faster Log10

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Today’s article is quick and to the point: when you need to take the base 10 logarithm of an integer you can speed this up by about 8x. Read on for the technique and save some CPU cycles!

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Bitwise Alternatives to Multiply, Divide, and Modulus: Faster?

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Many programmers are aware of a special case where you can use a bitwise shift for multiplication or division when you’re multiplying or dividing by a power of two. For example, you can replace i * 2 with i < < 1 and i / 2 with i >> 1. A lesser-known trick works for modulus. But are these alternatives actually any faster? Today’s article puts them to the test!

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Faster Math.abs

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Math.abs is a commonly-used utility function for taking the absolute value of a Number. However, there’s no special-case version for taking the absolute value of an int. Of course Math.abs will work for int values, but we can do it faster. Read on for a couple of ways.

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Faster isEven

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A common programming task is to determine if an integer is even or odd. Recently, I saw an article showing how to do the task faster than the usual way: (i % 2) == 0. Today’s article shows an even faster way to check for even or odd.

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