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Better Ways To Check Class Inheritance

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If you want to check if one class inherits another without actually having instances of those classes, you may have read my article on Checking Class Inheritance. However, as the many comments quickly pointed out, the methods of checking this may have some flaws. There were also additional methods posted in the comments that should be added and tested. Today I’m adding them, testing them, and checking all of their validity to find the ultimate approach to check class inheritance.

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Function Performance Update

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Above all others, there is one article I refer back to most: 2009’s Function Performance. It was updated for Flash Player 10.1 and 10.2, but not 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, or 11.2. Today I’m updating this article for Flash Player 11.2, adding some missing function types, and including a set of graphs to make for the ultimate function performance reference.

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Faster Stage3D Rendering With View Frustum Culling

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While my three part series on draw calls in Stage3D urged you to reduce them as low as possible, it didn’t give you much in the way of techniques for avoiding them. Sure, it had some good ideas for combining 2D sprite draws into a single draw, but how about 3D? Today’s article tackles the concept of “view frustum culling” to provide an automatic speedup to virtually any 3D app utilizing Stage3D.

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Double the Performance of Stage3D Apps

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To draw with Flash Player 11’s Stage3D API, you must set up the state of various GPU resources before finally calling drawTriangles. Inevitably, you’ll end up calling drawTriangles multiple times during a single frame to draw your characters, terrain, sky, and so forth. In between these calls you will change the GPU’s state by calling Context3D‘s set* functions. This article will show you which of these functions can literally cut your app’s performance in half.

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Building Strings

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When a recent comment asked about string concatenation performance, I realized that there are a lot of ways to build strings in AS3 and I hadn’t tested any of them. Leaving aside the sillier ones like the XML class or joining Array objects, we have two serious contenders: the lowly + operator (i.e. str + str) and the ByteArray class. Which will triumph as the ultimate way to build strings quickly?

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