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Fast AS3 MultiMap

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Sometimes you need to map a key to many values, but AS3 has no built-in data structure for this purpose. Dictionary and Object are suitable one-to-one maps, but there’s been no one-to-many support until now. Read on for my own one-to-many class—MultiMap—as well as performance testing and analysis.

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Amazing Lookups Optimization

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Today’s article is about an unintuitive-yet-simple optimization you can use to hugely increase the speed of reading from Array, Vector, Dictionary, Object, and dynamic classes. Need I say more? Read on for this amazing speedup!

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Even Faster Linked Lists

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Linked lists can be much faster than AS3’s Array and Vector classes if you use them under the right circumstances. It’s been over a year and a half since I last visited the topic, but today it’s time to update my LinkedList class. Read on for the freshly-optimized code and all-new performance testing and analysis!

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Hidden Object Allocations

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During some recent memory profiling I was reacquainted with just how many ways there are to unknowingly allocate an object in AS3. The problem is seldom the allocation itself, but rather the later garbage collection (GC) to delete those objects. Ever used a Flash profiler only to see a huge chunk of your CPU time going to [reap], [mark], or [sweep]? Yeah, that’s the GC at work. Today’s article talks about some of the ways you end up allocating objects in AS3 without using the new keyword. These subtle errors can end up costing you!

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