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For Vs. While Revisited

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I wrote an article last November titled For Vs. While that needs a bit of updating an expanding today. While I updated the performance figures in my series on Flash 10.1 performance, I continue to get questions in the comments section of the original article that explore new areas. So today we’ll look at the ubiquitous for and while loops a little more.

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Definitive isNaN()

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I wrote an article in November 2009 titled Faster isNaN() and a followup to it titled Even Faster isNaN() and continue to get comments on both, so today I’m doing a followup to bring together both articles and the many comments on them into one definitive article. (UPDATE: added Windows performance results)

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Function Length

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In my last article on getProperties, there was one strange finding in the tests of standard classes: the Function class seems to have a length field. What is it? Today we’ll see

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Utility Function: getProperties

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Quite often I have wanted to iterate over the public fields (and getters) of an arbitrary object. Sometimes this is for debugging purposes so I can print out the state of an object, particularly one that has all public fields like a C/C++ structure. Sadly, this is not possibly (with most objects) using the for-in and for-each loops we’ve come to know and love. So I made a utility function that I’m sharing with you all today. UPDATE: getProperties now supports MovieClip derivatives such as library symbols from an FLA

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