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Array vs. Vector Part II

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Today’s article is in response to some interesting comments on the previous article comparing Array‘s performance to that of Vector. Today I’ll test different types of Vectors and the performance of deleting elements.

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Array vs. Vector

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Amazingly, I’ve never done a straight shootout between Vector and Array on this site. It’s a simple test, so read right on to see what kind of added performance you can get by using Flash 10’s Vector.

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ScrollRect and CacheAsBitmap

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Anybody who has ever had a performance problem with a graphically-rich Flash app has seen the “Show Redraw Regions” option in the debug player. Well, at least I hope they have since it’s right there in the context menu and there’s even a function call to toggle them. Normally it’s pretty straightforward what gets redrawn and when, but when you start to mix in advanced features like scrollRect and cacheAsBitmap, things get complicated. Today I’m going to cover a technique for eliminating some mysterious redraw regions.

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Increment and Decrement

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This is a quick article to discuss a point brought up in a recent comment. Which is the fastest way to increment: j++, ++j, or j+=1? Likewise, which is the fastest way to decrement? Below I will dispel the myth that there is any difference between them at all.

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AS3 vs. JavaScript Performance Followup (March 2010)


Version 10.5 of Opera was released today. Opera 10.0 last performance test made some small strides over 9.64, but it was still the slowest current version of the browser out of the whole test. Also, Google Chrome was updated on January 25th and Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 on January 21st. Today’s article shows an updated performance comparison to check up on the progress being made by Opera, Google, and Mozilla.

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