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Updater: An Easy Way to Get Updates Without Inheriting MonoBehaviour

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At first glance an Updater class seems unnecessary in Unity. All you have to do is inherit from MonoBehaviour and add an Update function. But what if you don’t want to inherit from MonoBehaviour? Enter Updater, an easy way to still get an update event and cut your dependency on MonoBehaviour. This works great for code in DLLs, “pure code” projects, or just projects that don’t want to put everything into MonoBehaviours. Read on for the source code and how to use it!

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Unity App Structure from a Flash Perspective

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Unity apps are structured very strangely. They’re a lot different than Flash or standalone apps and definitely take some time to get used to. Today’s article is an introduction to how a Unity app’s code is structured from the perspective of a Flash developer. It should give a basic understanding of where your code goes and how the basic architecture of a Unity app looks.

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