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Do Events and Delegates Create Garbage?

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Unity’s garbage collector can be disastrous to our games’ framrates when it runs so we’d best not incur its wrath. We’ve seen that foreach loops usually create garbage, so the natural followup question is “what other language features create garbage?” Events and delegates are extremely handy features of C#. They serve as the function pointers and Function objects of the language. They replace signals and slots and allow for flexible callbacks. But a lot of what they do is behind the scenes. Are they creating garbage back there? Today’s article puts them to the test to see if creating and calling delegates and events creates any garbage. Read on to find out!

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Delegates As Function Pointers: Performance Boost?

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C# delegates can be used like function pointers. Assign it once and you don’t have to use an if over and over. But is the overhead of the delegate worth it? Today’s article puts it to the test to see if this a valid performance boost versus just using an if over and over. Read on to see if a delegate is worth your time.

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How Closures Work

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C#’s support for closures includes lambdas ((a, b) => a+b) and delegates (delegate(int a, int b){return a+b;}). They’re extremely handy tools that many developers use on a daily basis. For example, it’s really convenient when using List.Find to pass in a lambda like item => item.Id == IdToFind. They also make great callbacks for asynchronous operations. However you’re using them, understanding how they work behind the scenes will help you understand how they behave and give you insight when optimizing your code. Today’s article delves into the topic to gain just this understanding, so read on to learn some more about closures!

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Unity Function Performance

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Which is the fastest kind of C# function in Unity? There are several to choose from: regular old instance methods, static methods, delegates, and lambdas. Is there any performance reason to choose one over the other? Today’s article answers just these questions by putting each type of function to the test. Read on to see which is fastest and which is slowest!

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Capturing and Forwarding Unity Events

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As mentioned in last week’s article on the “pure code” approach to Unity code design, capturing events can be problematic. I gave an example of how this could be overcome, but didn’t flesh it out to cover the sixty events that a MonoBehaviour can receive. Today’s article includes the source code for a class that does just that. It should prove useful to anyone interested in exploring “pure code” design.

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From AS3 to C#, Part 16: Lambdas and Delegates

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Two of C#’s really interesting features are technically operators, but didn’t fit in last week’s article. These are both ways to create anonymous functions: lambdas and delegates. AS3 has anonymous functions too, but today’s article will discuss how they differ from the C# approaches. Read on to learn how to harness the power of anonymous functions in C#.

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