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From AS3 to C#, Part 5: Static Classes, Destructors, and Constructor Tricks

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Last week’s article mostly covered abstract classes, but this week we’ll discuss an even more abstract type of class: static classes. We’ll also explore C#’s anti-constructor, known as a destructor, and some fancy ways to construct a class. Read on and learn some more class-related features that were never available to us in AS3.

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Constructor Function

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It’s very nice in AS3 to simply state the name of a function and get a Function variable back, regardless of whether or not it is a method, static method, dynamic function, or plain function in a package. Most other languages do not allow this level of convenience. Java doesn’t allow it at all and C++ and AS2 require fanciness in order to pass the this pointer. However, when you want a Function for the constructor of a class, you get a Class variable back. This article will show you a way to get a Function variable that will create an instance of a class when called.

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