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How to Easily Use Callback Functions in Coroutines

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In asynchronous programming we’re constantly dealing with callback functions. Maybe you have to call some function in a third party library that takes a callback function. Regardless, Unity programmers often want to use coroutines for their asynchronous tasks. Today’s article show you how you can use callback-based code from your coroutines, all while being simple and easy to use. Read on to learn how!

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Iterators vs. Callbacks: Performance and Garbage

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Iterator functions and their ability to yield return values then continue on really come in handy for a variety of situations. Unfortunately, they come with some pretty serious performance and garbage creation drawbacks. So today’s article explores alternatives in various forms of callbacks: delegates, interfaces, and classes. Can they perform better than iterator functions? Can they avoid garbage creation? Read on to find out!

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The Many Types and Dangers of Callbacks

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Callbacks are a mainstay of the real-time games and apps we build in Unity. We’re constantly writing asynchronous code for every operation from walking a character to a destination to making a web call. It’s really convenient for these functions to “call back” and report their status so we know how the operation is going. Unfortunately there are also a lot of dangers that come along with this. Today we’ll look into the surprisingly large number of ways you can “call back” in C# and some of the ways you can get burned doing so.

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Cancelable Function

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I recently had the need to cancel a callback function that I had passed to an API. The API had taken my callback function directly, so there was no way to remove the event listener. So I thought back to an old article I wrote and came up with a solution. Read on for a utility function that will allow you to cancel function callback in AS3 as well as JavaScript and AS2.

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