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PNG Compression Followup

Does the type of image matter when you’re compressing it to PNG? Does it affect performance? Size? This week’s article looks into these questions to find out how each of the PNG compressors performs on three different types of images: an icon, a photo, and random noise.

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PNG Compressor Roundup

Flash Player has had built-in PNG compression since version 11.3. But how does it fare against all of the other PNG compressors out there? Does it compress faster? Does it produce smaller file sizes? Today’s article explores your options when it comes to compressing PNG files so you can get the fastest or smallest PNG possible.

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Image Loading Performance

Which image format is fastest to load? That was perhaps the most relevant question in last week’s article, so it’s time to explore it more deeply. Today’s article examines differences between different types of PNG, JPEG, and JPEG-XR files to answer questions like “does the JPEG quality setting matter?” and “is indexed PNG faster than full (ARGB) PNG?” Read on for the test and all the details.

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PNG, JPEG, and JPEG-XR Compression and Decompression Performance

Are you using the fastest assets you can? Yes, even the file format of the assets you use has a big bearing on the performance of your app. Ask yourself: is PNG faster to decompress than JPEG? Is it faster to compress to JPEG-XR or PNG? Do the quality settings matter? Today’s article explores the performance of Flash’s main three image formats—PNG, JPEG, and JPEG-XR—to find out which decompresses fastest at load time and compresses fastest at save time.

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