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Dictionary Memory Leak

The Dictionary class provides perhaps the most useful support for weak references—and therefore garbage collection control—in the AS3 Flash API. However, due to a subtle error in its documentation, you may inadvertently be leaking a lot of memory. Today’s article shows you how this can happen and how you can easily fix the leak.

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Casting Questions Answered

You, my dear readers, have posed many fine questions and chimed in with many excellent suggestions to my previous articles on typecasting and today I will answer them! (for newcomers to this series, read on for tips showing how to easily speed up your casts by 200x or more)

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No Article Today

Sorry, but there will be no article today. Stay tuned for more articles in the near future!


What is an int?

If you’re thinking “I know what an int is”, you need to take this little quiz to find out for sure!

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Faster Logic With Bitwise Operators

Logical operators are necessary in every app, so it’s unfortunate that they are so slow in AS3. That’s why I was happy to see a potential alternative in a recent comment by Skyboy. Today’s article shows you how to do logic faster by avoiding logical operators (e.g. &&) and using their bitwise (e.g. &) operator counterparts instead.

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